Here you can see the different accommodation options. Maravillas recommends HOST FAMILIES for young people and adults who want a complete immersion in their stay during the Spanish course.
If you prefer APARTMENTS AND RESIDENCES for students we have several options, Conors, Parque Miel and Torremiel, owned by the school, which are a few meters away from our school and offer all the comforts and services.


Among its advantages we highlight the great opportunity to live an authentic immersion in our culture, to continue practising the language at home with family members, and to make new friends, all in a relaxed and fun environment.

The host families will invite you to participate in all the activities that they organize and will help you integrate and feel like at home.

An excellent alternative to apartment or hotel accommodation is the possibility of living with a Spanish host family.

The characteristics of each family are different, there may be young families with small children, separated ladies or retired couples, with or without pets. They can live in large houses, sometimes even with a pool or live in smaller apartments near the city center or the beach. The first condition to be considered as a host family is that they have time to dedicate to the students. The second is the distance from the school, which can’t exceed 20 minutes

We understand that for many students it is the first time they live this experience and we want it to be unforgettable. At the end or your stay, you will have really good memories, friends for life, and a second home in Spain!

All our host families have been carefully selected; before being admitted they have to pass a strict inspection by our accommodation manager. These controls are renewed every year.

How does it work?

In order to select a suitable family for you, it is important for you to fill out the registration form with complete details about yourself: in addition to the general information it is essential to indicate, for example, the state of health, allergies, preferences regarding pets, etc.

Just as we have personal information about the student, you will have the same information about the family and the house where you will be staying. We will send you a detailed family file – name, address, telephone, email, occupation, children at home and when possible even a photo – two weeks before arrival, at the latest.

Families have single, double rooms. Double rooms can only be booked by two friends who book together or for couples. If you have selected the accommodation with only breakfast, this is the only meal you will have at home. In general it consists of a continental breakfast, with coffee / tea, juice, cereal or toast.

If you prefer half board, the family will offer you breakfast and dinner every day. Upon arrival it is advisable to speak with the family to define the meal times, taking into account that they may vary a little from what you may be used to (remember that you’re in Spain) and discuss your preferences.

💡A suggestion: don’t hesitate to talk to your host family and inform of your preferences. We are sure they will be more than happy to satisfy your tastes!
Both at home and at the school cafeteria we can attend special diets such as vegetarian, vegan, halal and other requirements. Do not forget to inform us at the time of registration.

At the end of the stay, all students fill out an evaluation questionnaire where they can express their opinions regarding classes, accommodation, etc. and thanks to them, we have a quick feedback of your experience, which will allow us to constantly improve our work,

Homestay for teens

As a specialized school for young people, we take special care in choosing families for our youngest students. In the case of teenage students, accommodation is full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner included every day).
On week days, the family will take care of breakfast and dinner, while lunches will be served at the school lunch Hall. During weekends, they will receive a picnic lunch to take to the excursion (Saturdays) or they will eat at home with the family (Sundays)
The rooms will be double or triple, sharing with another student of different nationality, except if there are two friends / brothers who want to share.

Equipment and conditions

  • 🛏️ A comfortable bedroom with natural light, with an appropriate sized bed (bunk beds can be used for students under the age of 16), as well as bedding and enough closet / drawer space to store your clothes
  • 🚻 Shared bathroom. The family will provide towels. (please bring your own toilet products)
  • 🧼 Cleaning and laundry once a week. (ask about the use of an iron).
  • 📡 Wifi: almost all our families have wifi. If they do not have it, they will share their mobile network with the student for messages or emergencies.
  • 🧑‍🤝‍🧑Visits: if you want to receive visits from your family or friends, please let us know. We will inform you if this option is available and the cost of the stay.
  • 🚭 Smoking: Smoking is not allowed inside the house, nor outside in the presence of students
  • ☎️Telephone: The use of the family landline is not allowed. In case of emergencies, ask the family for permission and pay the cost of the call
  • 🗝️Keys: Minors under 18 years of age will not receive the family house keys during their stay. The family is at all times informed of the student’s program and their schedules so that they will be at home when they return.

Accommodation options

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