Level Test

Your first day at school begins with a test to establish your level Spanish. That is important to be at school promptly at the time which was given thee when reservaste the course.

It is convenient to bring the course confirmation and proof of payment, if required in Secretariat.

After the test, the head teacher will correct and I make a small interview to know more accurately your language level. With this information you will be assigned a group and you will be given the appropriate study material. The material will include practical information about the city, the student book, writing materials and information on the DELE exams. We, as a center accredited by the Instituto Cervantes, we can offer you all the information about these tests, prepare for them and help with registration.

Secretarial staff will accompany you to class and introduce you to your tutor. For any questions or problems that may arise go to your tutor, who will handle it on to the appropriate parties.

It is important to report any incident as soon as possible to solve it as soon as possible. In the unlikely event of a problem you had to adapt to the group, any misunderstanding with your teacher, or any difficulty due to the difference in nationalities, head to head teacher to find a solution as soon as possible.

At eleven, once the first class session, all new students should contact secretariat where made a little tour of the school in which they show the facilities available to them and explain to them the activities that can during your stay.

Procedure level change

If after the first class session you feel that you are not in the right group, report it to your tutor. He will be in contact with the head teacher to find the most suitable solution to your problem.

Tutoring Service

The school offers free weekly and intensive course the student the opportunity to have an extra half hour class with a teacher to practice answering questions specifically or any topic that interests you.

Extracurricular Activities

The student will receive a program of activities that will take place the week of their arrival. Every Monday you can enroll in that interest on the board on the terrace. To perform need to have a minimum number of participants who will vary depending on the activity. The registration must be made before 11.30 and payment of those who need it will be held in secretariat

The College reserves the right to cancel notice.

Material procurement procedure

Intensive Course fee includes textbook.

If you receive private lessons, the minimum for the book will be ten hours.

If you want to purchase additional study materials, you can do the secretary.

You can also use the funds for free from our library. The loan service will be held from 10.00 to 14.00 and from 17.00 to 20.00.

Examination and course certificates

Aside from the placement test on arrival made the student do a weekly review test in order to see your progress and detect possible problems in learning.

For students on scholarships from various national and international programs, the school will accommodate the requirements of each program.

At the end of their stay the students will receive a report that records the duration of the course and the level obtained, and a certificate of attendance.

For continuing unexcused absences the student is not entitled to obtain the diploma.

Late arrival

It is important to arrive for the start of the course in order to avoid delays when assign an appropriate class for your level of Spanish. If you’re late for the placement test, go to secretariat.


We will confirm the schedule of your classes on the first day. Our prime time is in the morning: from 9.00 to 13.30. In seasons of great occupation, the College reserves the right to modify the schedule as needed.

Library Hours

The library is open from 9.00 to 20.00.

The book loan schedule is from 10.00 to 14.00 hours and from 17.00 to 20.00 hours.


It is expected of all students participating in classes punctually and regularly. If you can not attend class due to illness or other reasons, warns secretariat or ask your host family to notify us. If unexcused absences continued, the student would not use the report and made the diploma course.

Complementary services

Within our facilities

Internet access

The College has WIFI internet access. Ask for the key to use it for free.

Information and preparation for the DELE

Attendance at seminars

Cinema in school

Spanish culinary elaborations Assistance

Out of our facilities

Half day trips (Monday to Friday) and full day (weekends)

Visits to museums and cultural attractions

Attendance at concerts and other festive events

Completion of courses related to arts and sports activities (dance, Spanish guitar, ceramics, cooking, etc.)

Additional Services

In secretariat for example we can help with the following

Organize your holiday

All questions / problems that may arise regarding the homestay host

Organizing excursions, leisure activities and sport

Reconfirmation of flights and ferry tickets

Manage coach tickets, show tickets, sporting events and other

Booking hotels, car rental and other services through our affiliate agent Travel Wonders

Assistance for visa extensions

Information, advice and help with any problems

Advice and information on many other aspects of your stay in Spain.

The secretariat schedule is posted at the entrance of the office.

Smoking Rules

Under Spanish law, smoking is not permitted in the school building Wonders. Smoking is only allowed in the outdoor area corresponding to the cafeteria.

No smoking allowed in public places: offices, restaurants, banks, shopping centers ….

Phone calls

The student can receive calls in the Maravillas Programas Internacionales only in an emergency. In foster families can receive calls regularly, but always with the permission of the host family and no later than 23:00 hours. For your personal calls can use pay phones by dialing 00 + international code of your country. If your family wants to call you, remind them that they have to dial 0034. You can buy phone cards in many places near the College.

Mobile Phones

During class and other activities in the school the student will keep the phone off or on silent.

Illness or accident

If you need medical treatment during your stay, ask for help from your host family. If you are not staying in family and need help, call the emergency phone or go to college secretarial staff. If necessary, a staff member will accompany you to the health center or hospital.

If you are an EU citizen in the country should get the card home

European health.

Money and valuables

The Wonders College is not responsible for loss or damage to your personal belongings. We encourage you to purchase insurance in your country before arrival.

If you need to change money on arrival, you can do so in coming to school banks and exchange offices that are the center of Benalmadena.

We recommend you bring the money in small bills, as some services do not accept bills of one hundred euros on, fast food restaurants, gas stations, taxis, supermarkets, etc.)

In case of theft or loss of documentation, management staff will help you make all the necessary steps to solve your problem.


Our staff will choose a suitable host family address and send you contact details once it is booked.

Sometimes it may be necessary to change a family already assigned such that previously housed the student wants to extend his stay there for other reasons beyond our control.

Then you reassign a new family that suits your needs. If you had any problem or difficulty to adapt to lifestyle or customs of your family, go to secretarial staff to fix it as soon as possible.


Staying with a family friendly and studying in a good school allows total immersion in the Spanish language and enables faster learning because the learning is done continuously.

If you live with a Spanish family is also important that you help to create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, to adjust to the daily routine and lifestyle of the family.

Your room cleaned regularly, but like any family member should keep it tidy. Special consideration should be themed as snuff, watch TV or inviting friends home. Typically ask permission for these things.

Your Room

Your room which was previously inspected and approved by our staff, will be properly fitted. However, most families do not have air conditioning


The family will receive breakfast and dinner if you have booked half board.

Inform your family schedule to organize mealtimes. No meals will be reimbursed not have taken.


You can use the bathroom whenever you need. Should bring towels and personal care items, because the family has no obligation to proporcionártelos.


The family will wash your clothes once a week. If you prefer to wash, you can wash at a laundromat. Usually you will wash and iron clothes in small independent family home.


Your host family will give you a set of keys so you can enjoy free access to the house. Respect the family if you return late at night and be careful not to disturb them.


The voltage in Spain is 220.

If you bring any electronic device, you should ask permission before using the family home.


Due to the high cost of phone calls, it would be desirable that the phone will not use your host family without first asking permission. If they could do accept collect calls (simply dial 1005) or ask the operator for the call price and pay it to the family.

Changing family

If you have any problems with the family can go at any time secretarial staff. In the unlikely event that you can not solve, you find another family as soon as possible.

Wonders College reserves the right to charge 60 euros for a family is not warranted change


If the student decides to cancel the course after it started, or after the start date of the course, you must inform secretariat as soon as possible. In no case shall refund the same. If the reason for cancellation is illness or personal problems the student will be issued a voucher with which you can recover the course.

If the student cancels between 14 and 21 days before the course 90% of the amount will be returned. If you cancel between 7 and 14 days returns 75% of the amount paid. No refund if the student cancels less than 7 days before the course starts.

Late arrival and absence

We will not refund any amount for late arrival or if the student does not attend the same course or periods. Absence for holidays or other reasons can not be compensated with a free extension course.

It is not allowed to transfer courses of one person to another.

Early departure

If a student must leave your accommodation before the reserved date for some reason, you should tell secretariat within two weeks before. You will have to leave the room left on Saturday after two weeks. If we are not informed in good time, the College will have to pay the family for that period and deducted from any refund to shorten the stay.

Save room for the student’s absence

If the student wants to save the family room for a period of absence (for example during school holidays), must inform the secretariat staff as soon as possible.

You will have to pay a retainer fee for the College to compensate the family for this service.

Late check out

The school paid to families for the exact time of the student’s stay. If for any reason, for example, a change of flight, the student has to stay longer than booked, please inform the secretariat staff know about so we can make the necessary arrangements.

Direct payments to the host family

Apart from direct payments to the family by phone calls or additional meals, you should not have to pay any fee directly to the family.

Student participation in the program may be canceled by the Maravillas Programas Internacionales without any refund and you can send them back to their home country at their own expense if you do not accept and follow the rules and regulations of the College.