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de inglés

Por favor responda a todas las preguntas antes de enviar.

Por favor, introduce tu correo electrónico:

Where ____from? I’m from Russia.
I have two ____, a boy and a girl.
This is my brother. ______name’s Paul.
I get up ______ 7 o’clock in the morning.
Mary______ in the city centre.

– Where are my glasses?
– They’re ______the table.


I usually go to work ______ train.

Rosie stayed _______ home yesterday afternoon.
– _______ were you at the weekend?
– I was in Scotland.
Are you _____ English teacher?
I’m going to a concert tonight.
_______ you like to come?
– Do you sell stamps?
– Yes, we do. How ______ do you want?
I’d like _____milk in my coffee, please.
Is this a good time to talk?
Sorry, no. I _____ dinner.
We ______ going to the theatre next Saturday.
 _______ ever been to New York?
– Is Ottawa the capital of Canada?
– I think _________
 If you ______ money from a friend, you should always pay it back promptly.
It’s Walter’s birthday on Friday.
He ______ be 30, I think.
 If the weather _____ bad tomorrow, we can go to a museum.
 Would you mind changing my appointment?______ time on Friday is fine.
Have you finished _____ the wall yet?
 Lena used to find work boring ____ she became a nurse.
 I ____ outside the cinema when suddenly a police car arrived.
We’ve ____ come back from a trip to India. It was amazing.
My doctor advised me ____ more exercise.
There’s no name on this dictionary.
It ____ be mine then. Mine’s got my name on the front.
Don’t worry if I ____ late tonight. I’m going to the gym after work.
Boxing is a sport ____ requires a lot of speed and fitness.
– I was wondering ____ I could ask you some questions.
– Sure, go ahead.
I’ve finished this salad and I’m still hungry.  I ____ ordered some more filling.
Ben got the job because he ____ a very good impression at this interview.
Stevens__________the wallet.
She asked my advice _____subject she should study at university.
The government has introduced________
We should use___time we have available to discuss.
Leon was frightened – or maybe he just_______
 ________, this summer is a crucial time for the government.
The concert features,___others, Karl Frisk and Johnsons. Their music is still very popular__teenagers.
Rewrite these sentences with a similar meaning using as or than + be or do.

I was opposed to the new road. Everyone else in the village was opposed to it, too.

Writing 1. What do you usually do in the week? (30-40 words)

Write your full name

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