We offer a full and varied programme of cultural visits, sports, social outings and excursions throughout the year. Details vary from week to week and from season to season.
There is no minimum level required to participate in the activities. Every week we offer a wide range of activities, most of them free of charge: Spanish movies, conferences on Spanish arts, history or literature, local visits to museums, Flamenco (Sevillanas) dance lessons, evening outings to tapas bars, restaurants, cinemas, Sangria parties etc.
Once a week we offer “tutor lessons” where the students can have a 30-minute sessions with a teacher to further discuss grammatical structure, vocabulary or other subjects.
Additional sports activities are also offered. These include: horseback riding, golf, sailing, windsurfing, outdoor tennis, badminton, volleyball and beach volleyball.
Our staff are always available to offer advice and help with arranging any activity which are of special interest to individual students.
For us it is essential that you get to know the Spanish lifestyle, the culture, the people, the tasty cuisine. This is an important part of your stay, since it enriches your experience and helps you improving the knowledge of the Spanish language.

Also popular are our weekend excursions, to:





and other destinations.