Costa del Sol

Benalmádena is an appealing coastal city and one of the principal tourist destinations on the Costa del Sol. It is located in the province of Málaga and boasts a population of 75,000 residents.


Located 18 km from the city of Málaga and 12 km from the Málaga-Costa del Sol International Airport, this municipality extends from the sea to the summit of Monte Calamorro (800 meters in altitude) and is distributed across three distinct urban centers.

Benalmádena Costa is the area that borders the coastline, featuring 9 km of beaches, numerous hotels and tourist apartments, international restaurants, shops, and a nightlife district.

Arroyo de la Miel – The central hub of the municipality, where one can find the House of Culture, the Church of San Juan, the Police Station, the RENFE Cercanías train station connecting the city with the capital, schools and institutes, major supermarkets, and shops. Our school is located just a few minutes from the center.

Benalmádena Pueblo, situated in the mountains at 240 meters above sea level and a few kilometers from Arroyo de la Miel and the coastline, is the nucleus that gave origin to the municipality. In this area, the Muslim origins are still evident through the remains of a fortress and its walls. It is also one of the typical white villages of Andalusia with its narrow streets, quiet squares, and small white houses adorned with flowers and plants.

A bit of tourism

There are numerous leisure options in the municipality, including:

  • Cable Car: a gondola that connects the center of Arroyo de la Miel with the summit of Calamorro.
  • Sea Life: an aquarium and conservation center for the protection of sharks.
  • Selwo Marina: a marine fauna park.
  • Butterfly Park: the largest space in Europe dedicated to butterflies.
  • La Paloma Park: 200,000 m2 of lakes, gardens, pine forests, and a cactus garden.
  • Puerto Marina: a marina and leisure area with restaurants, bars, and nightclubs.
  • Beaches: with almost 20 kilometers of coastline featuring sand, gravel, and palm groves.
  • Casino: in addition to a four-star hotel, it offers event halls and shows.

Someone famous

Francisco Alarcón ‘ISCO’ former player for Valencia, Málaga, Real Madrid, Sevilla, and the Spanish national team, is currently a player for Real Betis. The Benamiel stadium, home to the local football club, is named after our illustrious citizen.

A bit of history

The Phoenicians arrived on these shores in the seventh and eighth centuries BC, entering into agreements with the indigenous population to further their commercial interests. They exerted their influence until the arrival of the Romans, who brought about social, political, and economic transformations in exchange for the exploitation of the region’s fishing wealth.

After a period during which various cultures left their mark on Benalmádena, the Arabs arrived, and it is to them that the municipality owes its name – Ben al Madina – meaning “Sons of the Mines.” This nomenclature may be attributed to the existence of a series of mines in the area from which iron ore and, especially, ochre were extracted since the times of the Phoenicians.

A bit of culture

  • Colomares Castle: built in the late 20th century and dedicated to Christopher Columbus in homage to the Discovery of America.
  • Archaeological and Pre-Columbian Art Museum: a collection of art from Mexico, Peru, Nicaragua, Colombia, and Ecuador.
  • Stupa of Illumination: this Buddhist stupa, inaugurated in 2004, is the largest in the Western world. Its location and breathtaking views of the sea make it uniquely attractive.
  • Bil-Bil Castle: an Arabic-style building used for exhibitions, art shows, social events, and concerts.
  • Exhibition Center: a minimalist architectural building hosting temporary exhibitions.
  • Pablo Ruiz Picasso Cultural Center: a venue for numerous events.
  • Municipal Auditorium: an open-air building hosting theatrical performances, musical events, dance shows, and local festivals.
  • Arroyo de la Miel Public Library: a modern building with views of La Paloma Park.

A bit of sports

At the Nautical Club of Puerto Marina, you can practice or take lessons in sailing, surfing, paddle surfing, diving, kayaking, and more. In addition to water activities, the municipality has an ice skating rink, an indoor swimming pool, and an outdoor Olympic pool. There are also two golf courses, a racket club, a tennis club, a skatepark, a modern sports complex, gyms, and more.

There are also mountain bike routes and trails ideal for an afternoon of trekking in the surroundings of Mount Calamorro.

The School

Maravillas Programas Internacionales is located in Arroyo de la Miel, the most significant nucleus of the city. One of the advantages of choosing Benalmádena for a Spanish course is the proximity of the school to various accommodation options: both host families and our residences and apartments are just a few minutes’ walk from the school and the city center.

Benalmádena is also a very safe city, and thanks to the open and friendly nature of the Andalusians, you will find it easy to make new friends.

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