20 lessons / 2 weeks

What’s the DELE Exam?

The Dele is the official title that certifies the degree of competence and knowledge of the Spanish language and is awarded by the Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Ministry of Education in Spain.

What’s the DELE for?

  1. It’s an international certificate recognized by private companies, chambers of commerce, public and private schools
  2. In Spain this title allows access to universities, official language schools and jobs in the public administration
  3. Dele A2 or higher is one of the essential requirements to obtain Spanish nationality from people from non-Spanish countries or territories
  4. They have no expiration dates
  5. They comply with the guidelines of the Common European Framework of reference (CEFR)
  6. It facilitates the geographical mobility in the academic or professional fields and to obtain scholarships

If you are planning to take the DELE Exam and you need to follow a preparation course to improve your language skills we can help you! 

Our teachers, members of the Dele examination board and with a long experience will guide you through the whole process. They have an in-depth understanding of the exam structure and know how to approach classes to make learning fast and effective

Lessons are taught in 2-week sessions, 2 hours per day every afternoon and according to the level of the exam, will run between 2:30 and 6:30 p.m.

Course fees 195 €

  • Text book included in digital format
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Content of the course

Before the start of the course, all students will have to pass a written exam, followed by an oral interview, to check that the level of spanish is adequate for the chosen course.

In the event that the level is not adequate for the chosen exam, our teachers will advise the student on the exam most suitable for him/her

During the 2-week course you will get to know the exam structure in depth, you will work on each part of the test and you will be continuously advised by a tutor, who will solve your doubts, correct your exercises and make sure that you pass the test successfully.

We will use four test models dividing the 4 tests in two weeks and working with digital material, using books where students will be able to practice with the texts, the auditions, the topics to develop the written expression and simulations for the oral test.

In addition, our teachers will send you additional material or extra exercises so that you can practice at home and solve possible problems that have been detected.

Each day, we will focus on practicing two of the parts of the exam

Week 1

On the first day we will begin by explaining the different parts that make up the exam, its duration and how to grade them. We will also show you examples of the answers sheets and teach you how to complete them correctly.

Then we will continue practicing reading comprehension and listening comprehension. We will also analyse texts, listen to samples of different audio-texts of the exam in class, like announcements, messages, conversation or interviews

Structure of the exam.

Solving strategies for different tasks.

Reading and audio comprehension.

Week 2

The second week will be dedicated to the other 2 parts of the exam: written and oral expressions.

During these lessons the teachers will give you the guidelines to adapt our expressions to the exams’ requirements. We will write texts at home and then in class the teacher will correct them. As for the oral text, the teacher will explain what it consists of,what tasks  and the duration so every day you will practice in class how to gain confidence and fluency.

Written and oral expression and interaction.

At the end of the course, having attended lessons regularly,  you will receive an Certificate issued by Maravillas Programas International stating the number of lessons taken and the level of Spanish achieved at the course

In this  document https://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/sites/default/files/cefr-en.pdf you can see the official Common European Framework of Reference for Languages where you can check your current language level.

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (Click here):
Marco Europeo

Please read our instructions and recommendations

  • Online learning has many advantages, including ease of access, flexibility and constant communication, as well as reduced learning times in many cases. 
  • However, it requires a series of attitudes and commitments of the student to successfully reach the proposed goals, such as continued work nd a study routine.
  • An Internet connection is required, the faster the better.
  • Choose a suitable place for study, a good illuminated environment, in which you are comfortable and free of distractions. 
  • Do not connect to other websites or social networks to have maximum concentration during the lessons
  • To enter the platform you just need to have a gmail account; if you don’t have it we can provide one to you.
  • A mobile number to receive messages, codes, to facilitate communication and to download the googlemeet application. if you use a computer there is no need to download the application you can just connect to the address you will receive from us plus the code that allows you to access the platform.
  • We recommend that you use headphone and a microphone to have better sound quality during classes
  • If you are not used to this type of technology, don’t worry!
    The virtual platform is very intuitive and easy to use. Don’t forget that you can always contact your tutor for any questions.
  • Remember the objectives presented at the beginning of each class and work to achieve the final goals 

More details about the exams here: