Health Insurance

Each student should have a health insurance. EU applicants can proceed to secure their country of origin to a maximum stay of one year. The form required for this service is available from the insurance company.

International Student Insurance
The Wonders College advises students who hire international student insurance to cover medical expenses, accidents, liability, loss of personal property or money and cancellations.
If you need to take medicine regularly, we recommend to bring a reservation the same for your entire stay.
You can also bring your prescription, if possible in English or Spanish, to avoid problems when acquired in our country.
We recommend taking the drugs in hand luggage to avoid possible losses during the trip.
If you need to buy drugs in Spain, you can only do it in pharmacies (times recorded on the previous page)
On holidays you have to go to one pharmacy you can find the address in the window of every pharmacy, but are closed.


Prices. Examples:
Liter of gasolina
Liter of water
Liter of milk
Small beer (cane)
Entry to nightclubs
Cinema ticket
Bus (way)
Train to Malaga (return)
Taxi (in Benlmádena)

Prices. Examples:
€ 0.5
€ 0.8
€ 1.5
€ 1.5
€ 6
€ 10
€ 8
€ 1.45
€ 6
from € 6


We recommend you bring clothes for hot days and a jacket. The climate is temperate in Benalmádena, usually ranging between 9 degrees Celsius minimum in winter and 30 degrees Celsius in summer peak. Although the rains are not very frequent, if traveling in the fall or winter, it is always advisable to bring appropriate clothing for these cases.
If you bring your car or your bike will encourage you to learn about the procedures previously performed. Normally you can rae a car up to a year or enroll without paying customs duties. The College does not have private parking, however, is quite easy to park on the streets near the same.
Here you can also rent a car. Necessary information you provide in secretariat.