Due to the global situation, we have adapted our courses so that they are given remotely, in mini-groups and by video conference in real time with our best teachers.
This way, once the problem is over, you can come back to class and continue your course face to face.

You will have 2 hours of classes, in the mornings from Monday to Friday.
Video conference connection for mini-groups (minimum 3 students) of the same level.

And when you are finished, you will have a teacher who will help you with your homework and you will be able to connect with him to make your requests during a weekly tutorial.

1 week
120 €
Monday to Friday
2 hours/day
2 weeks
195 €
Monday to Friday
2 hours/day
3 weeks
290 €
Monday to Friday
2 hours/day
4 weeks
380 €
Monday to Friday
2 hours/day

Please read our instructions and recommendations

Online learning has many advantages, including ease of access, flexibility and constant communication, as well as reduced learning times in many cases.
However, it requires a series of attitudes and commitments of the student to successfully reach the proposed goals, such as continued work nd a study routine.

🌐 An Internet connection is required, the faster the better.

💡 Choose a suitable place for study, a good illuminated environment, in which you are comfortable and free of distractions.
Do not connect to other websites or social networks to have maximum concentration during the lessons

📧 To enter the platform you just need to have a gmail account; if you don’t have it we can provide one to you.

📱 A mobile number to receive messages, codes, to facilitate communication.

Download the Google Meet application.

💻 if you use a computer there is no need to download the application you can just connect to the address you will receive from us plus the code 💬 that allows you to access the platform.

🎧  We recommend that you use headphone and a microphone to have better sound quality during classes

👍 If you are not used to this type of technology, don’t worry! The virtual platform is very intuitive and easy to use. Don’t forget that you can always contact your tutor for any questions.

🎯 Remember the objectives presented at the beginning of each class and work to achieve the final goals